Find the Age?

In php, you can use the following script to find the age. $age = floor((time() - strtotime($dob))/31556926); where $dob is date in any format.

User defined xml reponse in drupal 6 webservices

XMLRPC server gives xml reponse in following way. <methodResponse>   <fault>    <value>     <struct>      <member>       <name></name>

Request webservices in drupal 6

1. Following is the xml format for sending the request $xmlrequest= "<?xml version='1.0'?> <methodCall>   <methodName>myservices.test</methodName>     <params>

Creating your own Webservices with drupal 6

1. Download services module from 2. Unzip the service module directory and copy inside sites/all/modules directory

Validate remote url using javascript

1. Read remote url. var url ='<!--#echo var="REMOTE_HOST"-->'; 2. Enter list of additional url var additional_url = [""]; 3. Create a regular expression string. var handleurl = additional_url.join("|");

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