Truncating the text

In many places the description or text needs to be truncated. Following function can be used to truncate the text in such a way that the words are not half chopped up. Argument List:
  1. $mystring: The text
  2. $limit: length of the string upto which string is to be truncate.
  3. $pad: The string which shows continuation. Default it takes 3 dots (...) .
function truncate_text($mystring, $limit = 153,$pad ="..."){ if(strlen($mystring) < $limit) return $mystring; $rstring = substr($mystring,0,$limit); $no_of_chars = strrpos($rstring," "); if($no_of_chars < $limit) $rstring = substr($mystring,0,$no_of_chars).$pad; return $rstring; }


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