How to enable Multilingual functionality in drupal

  • First you need to enable the locale and Content Translation core modules of the drupal.
  • Download the i18n module from drupal and enable it.

  • Download the required language package from the drupal site. And copy the extracted folder in the root directory of your drupal installation. Translation folder containing .po file will get copied in your core modules. For example: module/user/translation/
  • Now Goto Site configuration => Languages => Add Language. It is very necessary to add the language package before you add the language. Because uploading individual .po file will take lot of time.

  • Next you need to Configure the language by prefixing the language code.

  • Now let us add a Primary menu Home. Select Language as "All Language". It means this menu will be available for all languages.

  • To add translation for Home menu, you need search for the string and add translation as follow. Activate the Language block from blocks and click on language. There you will find translate tab to translate the content of the page. In this way you can translate your entire site.

  • You can also import and export the language file (.po).



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